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The Superkids Reading Program

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Program Description

The Superkids Reading Program is a beginning reading program for grades K-2, although qualifying studies have only involved kindergarten. It focuses on phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, writing, and spelling.

Program Outcomes

Two large matched studies have evaluated The Superkids Reading Program in kindergarten. Both found significant positive outcomes on measures of sound and word reading. The average effect size compared to controls was +0.23, qualifying The Superkids Reading Program for the ESSA “Moderate” category.

Professional Development/Training

At no charge, Superkids teachers receive initial training, provided as either a half-day session or a 90-minute webinar. In addition, each participating teacher receives one complimentary visit from a coach to support the implementation.  Also at no charge, administrators receive a 90-minute session or webinar that provides an overview of the program. Finally, there is sustained phone and website support year-round for teachers, administrators, and other school personnel involved in the implementation of The Superkids Reading Program.