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SaferSanerSchools Whole-School Change

Essa Rating
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Average Effect Size
Average daily attendance: +0.07; Chronic absenteeism: +0.05

Program Description

The SaferSanerSchools™ Whole-School Change program is disseminated though the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP). It is grounded in 11 essential elements that center around the importance of communication, responsibility, restoration, and separating the “deed” from the “doer.”  It requires all school staff to learn how to enact the key elements with an aim of increasing understanding of how one’s actions affect others and more broadly creating a better school climate.

Program Outcomes

In a Pittsburgh (PA) study by Augustine et al. (2018), 44 schools were randomly assigned to the SaferSanerSchools™ Whole-School Change program or to a control group. Implementation was over 2 years. Results were not significant at the school level but were significant for both average daily attendance (effect size = +0.07) and chronic absence (effect size = +0.05) at the student level, qualifying SaferSanerSchools™ for the ESSA “Promising” category.

Staffing Requirements

Schools are required to designate a team of at least three members (administrator, interventionist, and teacher) who meet monthly.

Professional Development/Training

School-based teams attend two days of training prior to program start and have access to ongoing technical support via email communication.


No technology required.