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Reading Go! (Formerly Reading Rescue)

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Program Description

Reading Go! (formerly Reading Rescue™) provides schools with professional training that prepares staff members to accelerate literacy among low performing first and second graders.  The training provides school staff members with a clinical experience in reading. The combination of training, plus daily program implementation, significantly enhances pedagogical knowledge and skills.  Services include 10 full days of professional development given over two years, regular site visits, tutor observations, ongoing coaching and year round program support. Trained tutors work with individual students one on one for 30 minutes per day.

Daily sessions provide a balanced literacy block including fluency building, daily assessments, phonological awareness and word study, sentence writing, and vocabulary development.   Program components are targeted at individual student needs.  Tutors use daily assessments to inform daily instruction within a sequential framework.  Components are also multisensory, incorporating visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile teaching methods. Students typically receive tutoring for one semester.

Program Outcomes

One study of Reading Go! took place with language-minority, low-SES first graders in New York City. In comparison to students who did not receive Reading Go!, outcomes were significantly positive on the Woodcock Reading Mastery Word Attack (effect size = +0.52) and Word Reading (effect size = +0.45), as well as on the Gates MacGinitie Word Decoding (effect size = +0.38). Gates MacGinitie Reading Comprehension scores were positive but not significant (effect size = +0.22). Outcomes were similar whether the tutor was a certified teacher or a paraprofessional.

Staffing Requirements

Schools are required to nominate at least three and no more than eight staff members (teachers, paraprofessionals, etc.) to participate in training. One participant must serve as the school’s Reading Rescue Program Coordinator. Partnerships last for a minimum of two years.

Professional Development/Training

The following professional development and training is provided:

  • 10 days of professional development over two years
  • 6-8 site visits (tailored professional development, tutor observations, and coaching)
  • Ongoing data analysis and progress monitoring
  • Classwide assessments for student selection
  • Provided materials (all tutoring supplies, training manuals, and leveled book sets)


The school’s program coordinator should have access to a computer for biweekly data reporting.