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Reading Horizons Discovery

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Program Description

Reading Horizons Discovery, K–3,  is a foundational reading program that uses the instructional principles of Orton-Gillingham and Structured Literacy.

At the center of the curriculum is the Reading Horizons method. Instruction is systematic and cumulative, organized in a sequence that appropriately scaffolds teaching and learning. Each sound of the English language is explicitly taught along with the letter(s) representing the sound. Five Phonetic Skills are taught to help students recognize short and long vowel patterns in words and syllables. Two Decoding Skills are presented to show students how to decode multisyllabic words.

The Reading Horizons method also supports learning and memory by simultaneously engaging auditory, visual, and kinesthetic modalities during instruction. A marking system is employed to draw students’ attention to the features and patterns of English and give visual cues for pronunciation.

Throughout instruction, students are provided with engaging activities to practice and apply, or “transfer,” the skills learned. In addition, Reading Horizons supports districts using its print and digital Skill Check assessments to evaluate the impact of Reading Horizons Discovery on student growth.

Program Outcomes

The impact of Readings Horizons Discovery curriculum was examined in a retrospective matched study that took place with K-3 students in schools across the Los Angeles Unified School District. The final sample, after propensity score matching, included 4,706 treatment students nested in 323 schools and 8,805 comparison students nested in 510 schools. Fall 2021 to Spring 2022 gains on DIBELS composite scores of students who were exposed to the Reading Horizons Discovery curriculum (treatment group) was compared to gains of students in the same district who were not exposed to the program (comparison group). Results showed a statistically significant positive impact on DIBELS 8 composite score for students in the treatment group compared to matched comparison students (effect size = +0.05), earning the Reading Horizons Discovery an ESSA Promising rating.

Staffing Requirements

No special qualifications or certifications are required to implement Reading Horizons Discovery.

Professional Development/Training

Reading Horizons Discovery offers a suite of professional learning options. Reading Horizons real-time coaching includes microlearning modules, lesson-specific videos, and virtual content-specific sessions. Multi-day in-person professional learning sessions and targeted coaching support new implementations and experienced users.


Reading Horizons Discovery is compatible with Windows, Chrome, Edge, and Safari.