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Progress Learning – Math

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Program Description

Progress Learning is a comprehensive, state standards-aligned instructional resource and content solution designed for Grades K-12 in multiple subjects (e.g., ELA, Math Science, Social Studies). The program provides every student with a learning path or plan featuring specific standards uniquely aligned to their individual learning needs. The middle school level includes engagement resources including tokens and games. The platform can be accessed from anywhere on any Wi-Fi-enabled device. It is designed so that teachers can easily create and share assessments and assignments, and track progress. The classroom resources include videos, bellringers, printables, and videos. Diagnostics and progress monitoring help educators understand which students are not performing at grade level so that they can provide the resources they need to catch up. District and school dashboards allow teachers to monitor the progress of students across subjects and grade levels. The data provided helps everyone better understand where students need remediation and identify trends that may inform curriculum and teaching strategies. Progress Learning offers integrations with Clever, Classlink, Canvas, and Google Classroom.

Program Outcomes

Progress Learning impacts were examined in one retrospective study conducted in the Douglas County School System outside of Atlanta, Georgia with students in Grades 6-8 during the 2022-23 school year. Across schools, middle school teachers were given the option to opt-in to using Progress Learning; those who did were considered the treatment teachers and those who did not were considered comparison teachers. Students of teachers who used Progress Learning demonstrated significantly higher growth than comparison students whose teachers did not use Progress Learning from spring 2022 to spring 2023 on Georgia Milestones Mathematics scores (effect size =+0.09), earning the program a Promising ESSA rating.

Staffing Requirements

Classroom teachers are the primary users of Progress Learning. School and District Administrator access is included with subscriptions.

Professional Development/Training

Free virtual and pre-recorded training is included. Custom training packages start at $1000.


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