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Lexia® Core5® Reading Program – Struggling Readers

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Program Description

Lexia® Core5® Reading (Core5) is a blended learning program that aims to accelerate the development of fundamental literacy skills for students of all abilities in grades pre-K-5. Core5 provides explicit, systematic instruction through personalized learning paths. Core5 adapts to target skill gaps as they emerge and equips teachers with the data and instructional resources they need to personalize instruction for every student. Embedded assessment provides ongoing, actionable data to help teachers prioritize and plan offline instruction. The online student dashboard encourages students to take ownership of their learning, for an experience that’s motivating and engaging for students and teachers alike.

Program Outcomes

The impact of Core5 was examined in a cluster-randomized study of five schools in the greater Chicago metropolitan area. The study focused on 116 students in grades K-5 receiving special education support for reading difficulties. Students received “push-in” and/or “pull-out” support from a special education teacher. After 1 year, students who used Core5 had significantly higher MAP scores compared to a control group (ES = +0.23), qualifying it for an ESSA “Strong” rating.

Staffing Requirements

No special qualifications or certification are required to implement Core5.

Professional Development/Training

Lexia has multiple professional development offerings. A dedicated customer success team can partner with a school or district to customize trainings based on their goals and timelines. Support includes implementation planning, product training, and data reviews and data coaching throughout the year.  Training events can take place on-site at schools or live online.

School and district staff can also engage with Lexia Academy. Lexia Academy is a self-paced eLearning platform that supports educators’ professional growth. Courses in Lexia Academy integrate resources and strategies to support blended learning, literacy instruction and product implementation.

In the reviewed study, the district participated in a Lexia Implementation Success Partnership (ISP). As part of the ISP, Lexia’s customer success team held check-ins with school and district leaders, as well as Core5-specific training events for all staff.


Core5 is available for PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad, and Android devices. More detailed system requirements are available here.