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Family Engagement Lab’s Families and Schools Talk (FASTalk)

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Program Description

FASTalk (Families and Schools Talk) is a family engagement tool that seeks to promote equity and build partnerships between teachers and historically underserved families by sharing engaging, at-home learning activities via text messages in each family’s home language.

Program Outcomes

A retrospective evaluation of FASTalk was conducted in two schools in Baton Rouge, Louisiana during the 2018-2019 school year. Students of parents who had signed up to receive three text messages per week for 8 weeks to support literacy development at home were matched with students not enrolled in the program. Data was collected from 231 students (69 FASTalk, 162 control), 99% were Black and 93% qualified for free and reduced-price lunch. After accounting for pretest differences, FASTalk students demonstrated significantly higher growth than their non-FASTalk peers on the spring iSTEEP literacy assessment (effect size = +0.39). These results qualify FASTalk for an ESSA Promising rating.

Staffing Requirements

No additional staffing required

Professional Development/Training

There are no PD or training requirements for use.


Teachers need a web browser and email access. Families only need a text message-enabled phone.