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DreamBox Learning

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Program Description

DreamBox Learning is an adaptive, online math program designed to complement classroom instruction. The program is available in grades K-8, but the only qualifying study involved grades K-1. Combining a motivating, game-like environment with a rigorous, standards-aligned curriculum, it responds to learners’ actions and decisions by continuously adapting to support student competency with math concepts and promoting strategies for fluency and application.

Program Outcomes

One study of DreamBox Learning took place in grades K-1 in three Rocketship charter schools over a 4-month period. Students who used DreamBox Learning gained more than controls on NWEA tests, with an effect size of +0.11. This qualifies DreamBox Learning for the ESSA “Strong” category.

Staffing Requirements

Technology support staff may be needed.

Professional Development/Training

DreamBox Learning offers comprehensive professional development that is customized to the unique needs of each district, school, and teacher. Professional development can be received in person, online via webinar, and through job-embedded learning opportunities, to access PD courses that allow them to brush up on skills or learn new strategies for teaching a concept.


DreamBox Learning can be accessed on Mac, PC, ChromeBooks, or iPad.