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A2i Professional Support System (formerly Individualizing Student Instruction (ISI) )

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Program Description

The A2i Professional Support System is a systems-level approach intended to improve students’ reading success in Pre-K through Grade 3 classrooms. Learning Ovations serves as the partner, providing the support teachers need to ensure students are reading at, or above, grade-level by the end of 3rd grade. The focus of this support is on individualized instruction, ensuring learning experiences are tailored to account for each students’ unique needs.  A2i prepares teachers to vary the content and form of instruction, according to students’ prior performance and needs. The approaches include quick online assessments, proven instructional recommendations, lesson planning support, and customized professional development.

Program Outcomes

Three studies conducted on A2i qualified for inclusion. The overall average effect size was +0.23. This qualified A2i for the ESSA “Strong” category and demonstrates that the impact of differentiated literacy instruction via the A2i Professional Support System has been examined through rigorous, randomized-controlled studies in multiple contexts. Importantly, a key finding from a longitudinal study in NW Florida over 3 years found strong evidence for a cumulative effect of A2i-informed literacy instruction (Connor et al. 2013). Specifically, the benefits of A2i accumulate with multiple years of instruction, with students experiencing A2i instruction for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade showing highest levels of growth (equivalent to a cumulative effect size of 0.60 relative to control students).

Staffing Requirements

The ideal adoption of the A2i Professional Support System is across an entire district. While no additional staff are required, a main district-contact is critical. In addition, a critical role required for implementation is the identification of a ‘Literacy Champion’, who serves as the main school-level contact and resource as teachers begin the A2i rollout. This is typically a teacher on special assignment (TOA/TOSA), coach or grade-level lead.

Professional Development/Training

The A2i Professional Support System offers ongoing and personalized training, usually consisting of a 90-minute getting started with A2i session in the fall. This is followed by up to 6 virtual meetings known as A2i Literacy Huddles, which are conducted with grade-level teams and led by a Literacy Specialist. Additionally, there are 3 virtual individualized classroom coaching sessions (A2i Classroom Support Sessions) that are tailored to provide teachers with one-on-one coaching and valuable feedback. This program follows a standard 3-year rollout plan, commencing with K-1, then progressing to K-2 and K-3. Additional PD and training can also be provided with the addition of In-Person Flex Days.


A key component of the A2i Professional Support System is the A2i Software Platform. This platform can be accessed on any device with a screen wider than 768 pixels (any full-sized screen). The online assessments are the only student-facing component and can be taken on most up-to-date tablets, Chromebooks, or laptops.