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Phonics Lesson Library

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Program Description

Phonics Lesson Library is an evidence-based Tier 2 intervention designed by teachers, for teachers. The program breaks down phonics mastery into 75 distinct skills, separated into 3 groups; Basic, Advanced, and Multisyllabic. With lessons for each of the 75 component parts of phonics, educators have the tools they need to target specific skill gaps with precision, helping children to achieve mastery and reducing intervention needs to help them read at grade level.

Program Outcomes

A study of Phonics Lesson Library (PLL) was carried out in a California school district during the 2021–2022 school year. A total of 8 schools and more than 400 1st grade students participated in this quasi-experimental study, where treatment schools used PLL with students identified as Below or Well Below Benchmark on an early literacy screening assessment. Students were tested with the Phonics Screener for InterventionTM every three weeks as part of the implementation to target instruction. Compared to comparison schools, schools that used PLL had increased composite scores on the Acadience Reading assessment (effect size = +0.23). This was statistically significant, earning PLL a “Moderate” ESSA rating.

Staffing Requirements

Best used in small group settings with 1 teacher to 4-5 students.

Professional Development/Training

Complete Phonics Lesson Library, virtual product training, 120 minutes.


None required.